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Groundhogs Demo

Three fan favorites recorded in Josh's basement in summer 2004.
Front Page Story
Johnny and Sally

Live Groundhogs

From the KBVR program Locals Live, early 2005.
Blue Daquiri

Early Groundhogs

A Beatles cover from Live In The Basement, recorded in late 2003 with former drummer Chris Kennedy.
I Feel Fine

Josh Gates Solo Material

A Bunch Of Garbage And Some Crap Too

Selected tracks from his 2002 debut solo album (currently out of print), on which he plays guitar, bass and drums as well as sings.
Fucked Up
I Want A New Guitar
Doo Wah Diddy Diddy

Turn It On

Selected tracks from his more polished 2003 follow-up.
Walking In The Rain
Lose Myself
The Sun Dance
Hit By A Car Blues

The Arizona Sessions

Recorded by former Groundhogs drummer Chris Kennedy in summer 2004.
(Pictured at right)

Other Side Projects

Hot Sauce Hangover

One of Josh's stranger teenage projects, this "band" was just him and a friend playing a variety of instruments and singing ridiculously inane lyrics, sometimes off the top of their heads.
Ride My Scooter
Second Time Around
Monkey Monkey

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